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CAPSLOCK, /e/, /u/, \o/, a lot, abusing sparkle text, ace attorney, air gear, alcohol, alcon, anime, anime conventions, animeleague, atlus, being awesome, being bitten, boobs, bouncy music, bracelets, bright colours, british pride, cheap stuff, cheesy pop music, clamp, complete fangirlism, cosplay, crack pairings, crayon warriors, crumpets, cute japanese girls, d.gray-man, dance dance revolution, delicious cake, doujinshi, eating too much junk, fairy lights, fish and chips, flakes dipped in coleslaw, gayness, genderbending, girls kissing, gothic lolita, gummy bears, having a decent phone, hentai, icepops, icons, knee socks, lesbians, living in england, love, lovely complex, lulz, magic panties, manga, marin karin, mcdonalds, misheard song lyrics, momiji, my friends, naoto shirogane, nicknames, persona 3, persona 4, playing with toy cars, pocky, pokemon, positive melodic punk-pop, rainbows, randomness, raspberry jelly pots, really bad rp, really loud music, renovating your ass, rise/naoto, row row fight the powah, sexytiems, shin megami tensei, shoujo-ai, smut, soul eater, sparkle hugs, sparkles, strawberry panic, striped socks, surprise buttsex, tentarafoo, the ballad of gales, the legend of zelda, the world ends with you, this is a really long interest, topping, touching myself, tsundere, vampires, vocaloid, walkers crisps, wii-ing in my bedroom, yandere, your face, your mom, yuri, ಥ﹏ಥ, ◕ ◡ ◕, , , , , ,
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